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    A meat-grinder or meat mincer is used for mincing meat. The first-meat grinder was invented by Karl Friedrich-Christian Ludwig Freiherr Drain von Sauerbronn who was a German revolutionist. There are two types of meat grinders available in the market – manual meat grinder and electric meat grinder. The truth about meat grinders is that once you start grinding the meat by yourself, you will never buy the meat from the stores again.

    How to use a meat grinder

    Types Of Meat Grinders

    Manual meat grinders- manual meat grinders are less expensive than electric meat grinders. It’s also smaller in size, so if your kitchen space is limited, this is the best choice for you.

    Electric meat grinders- These meat grinders grind meat more quickly and efficiently. However, it’s more expensive than manual meat grinders.

    Benefits Of Using A Meat Grinder

    By using a meat grinder, you ensure that you and your family members are eating healthy food. When you eat prepackaged meat, it contains meat from numerous animals and there is no certainty that the good parts have been added.

    One of the most important benefit of using a meat grinder is that you’d be eating fresh meat. In case of meats available at stores, you aren’t sure how long they have been here.

    Meats that are in the stores which haven’t been packed or frozen yet, can easily pick up several bacteria and other contaminants. Plus, these processing plants mix the meats of hundreds of different animals which enhances the risk related to spreading of bacteria and other harmful organisms. However, some processing plants do adhere to the norms of food standards but the same can’t be said about every processing plant.

    Parts Of A Meat Grinder

    Hopper- this is the part inside of which you feed meat cubes

    how to use a meat grinder

    Pusher- this part keeps your meat moving and forces it down to the feed tube.

    Blade- The blade comes with sharp edges and is the most important part

    of your meat grinder. Blade grinds your meat in a fine texture. The fineness-of the meat is determined

    by the size of holes present in the plate of your meat grinder.

    Screw- it pushes your meat towards the blade to complete the grinding process.

    How To Use A Meat Grinder?

    Using a meat grinder is not rocket science. It’s really easy to operate your grinder. You just need to check the instruction manual provided along with your grinder. However if you are still confused, we have made a list to guide you about how to use a meat grinder

    Firstly,assemble all the parts of your meat grinder.

    Now, take your meat cubes and put it inside the hopper and switch on the grinder. Make sure to remove from your meat any connective tissues and sinew

    The most important thing to consider while grinding the meat is that it should be cold. Warm meat tends to leak fat and the end result is something very dry and pulpy. Always put your meat in the freezer for at least two hours before you start grinding it.

    As already mentioned above, any connective tissue or sinew on the meat should be trimmed off properly. If you put your meat in the grinder without trimming it, the meat tends to smear.

    Another way to avoid smearing of meat is by keeping the blade of your grinder sharp. If the blade gets dull, get it sharpened.

    A meat grinder is a must for you if you love sausages or burgers. It’s way better than buying store meat. If you plan on grinding meat frequently, don’t wait, buy a meat grinder.

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